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Is this good in CONJUCTION with SER? Or, as an alternative?

If I already own SER, is there value to AWS? Or, is it more of an alternative?


  • Same question here!

  • SvenSven
    If you can hanlde SER, then you probably do not need AWS, though all depends on your SEO strategy.
  • Will AWS bring better results as actually the question will be AWS vs.SER.
    What will bring better SERP results?

  • What's AWS?
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    I think that he is referring to Svens "Automated Website Submitter". I've never used it, so I cant comment - but I believe SER does pretty much everything it does, and more.
  • Let's see what GSA have to say about that...i want to decide which one i will buy.

  • shaunshaun
    Not sure whats going on here but the thread is from 2014. IAlso, i's in the GSA Automated Website Submitter subforum so I guess thats what the OP means.

    Not sure how Nefelim found the thread or why he bumped it rather than just making his own thread about it.

  • Hi Shaun,
    I am New here and i didn't see that the thread opens 2 years ago.
    I have just the same question about GSA Automated Website Submitter thats why i reply here.
    Maybe you are right and i have to open a new thread.


  • AWS has its own benefits that GSA doesn't have and most people are not using directories so that makes it even more important than it was in 2011 but it is not submitting as good as it used to few years ago.
  • Why are you bumping a two and a half year old thread that hasn't had activity since September?
  • GSAEGSAE Indonesia
    i try demo AWS . never success
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