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Zendesk gets 0 verified links


Testing on version 8.98 and 8.97. Zendesk gets 0 verified everytime. Can you please check this?



  • not solvable as the latest update cryptes everything via javascript. But don't worry,we have something special coming for zendesk lovers ;):D
  • seoaddict have I change proxies? For me If I had fresh private proxies its posting well but after few days it all are block for recapcha and I got 0 verified zendesk, but it may be not the main reason, maybe young_gooner  is right
  • No, I've tried several different proxy companies. Seems Zendesk is completely dead now. Hopefully Sven will fix this... Otherwise I'll have to find the old Zendesk engine + GSA version and keep using them.. Cannot keep losing CMs like this.
  • @seoaddict,you cant do anything about this unfortunately,many platforms will keep updating their platforms to prevent spamming,but its not something to worry about,GSA still posts to many platforms out there and more are coming as well :)
  • But they didn't updated their platform? I posted to it shortly before the update... With the old version of Zendesk engine + old GSA.. it should work properly?
  • @seoaddict so whats your success rate?
  • edited September 2014
    Success rate after latest update = 0%

    Success rate before last update = at least 30-50% verified.
  • Zendesk was one of the best CMS for tiering and other purposes. That cuts out a HUGE amount of links... Is there any way to access the old engine file + old GSA exe? We're talking like 300+ potential links, suddenly gone.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I love zendesk too. Someone tag me if we find a solution please!
  • I had success with DBC not too long ago?
    Actualy 5th of September was my last zendesk article created.
  • Before the very latest version it worked fine. Now doesn't work at all...
  • Any response from Sven on this...? Really need to be able to post to Zendesk... At least someone please upload the old GSA + old engine?
  • SvenSven
    Once and for all...Zendesk has changed the way it submits data....all is crypted using javascript now. There is no chance for SER to submit to it by now. Nothing can be done.
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