Project Re-Run : Right or Wrong?

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I am doing re-run on my projects every 2 weeks with the same contents.

1st : I will duplicate it
2nd : I will change the email
last : I will delete "target URL cache & target URL history"

Here`s the questions :

1. Am i doing the right thing on my projects?
2. If not, what is the right thing to do when doing "re-RUN" on projects?

 After I delete the target URL history , this will pop-up "Do you want to delete the created accounts data as well?" 

3. The created data accounts are made by the OLD EMAIL so i should delete it?

thanks in advance. btw , sorry for my horrible english ;x


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    That's pretty much fine the way you are doing it. Are you using GSA to scrape targets too? Are you storing them in the Global site list? If you aren't scraping you'll be hitting the same targets over and over so I hope your global list is large. If you are scraping, then the list will continue to get bigger, but you will still be hitting a lot of the same domains which is not as beneficial as a wider range of IP's linking to your site.

    Keep in mind that some platforms (notably bookmarking platforms) will only let you submit a link once so there's not much point in trying to submit the same link with a new user account to those. For platforms where it makes sense to reuse your account, like article directories, that would be fine, but you'd need a separate project to manage it the way you have described and that may be more complicated than you'd prefer.

    So the short answer is, if you don't mind repeatedly hit a lot of the same targets then your method is fine and you should "delete created accounts" too so that you get new "people" linking to you.
  • marketmonster   I`m using article directories alone for SER :D

    And yes , I`m using global list for targets :D

    Thanks marketmonster .
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