Reverify Contextuals

Howdy @Sven

Would it be possible to introduce a new feature where you can select "Reverify Contextuals Only" from a dropdown or a button in the options screen?



  • SvenSven
    SER itself doesn't know if a verified link is contextual or not. Because it can come from an engine having both a profile link or contextual.
  • @Sven how about adding a Contextual or not flag / field to the verified list?  Would that be do-able?
  • SvenSven
    It would but this breaks the current structure/format of files...I don't like doing this really. Though there are some more things that should be added like the country....might be added once I update the format next time.
  • @davbel do you run projects that mix contextuals? I don't and it makes it so much easier (and faster over all) to run certain engines within their own project.

    That way you can reverify only those engines. I do this once a week and I might lose a few thousand links across 100 projects but everything just seems quicker afterwards.
  • @judderman I'm trying to set up fewer projects for tier stuff and it was just an idea.  Just being a bit lazy  :D
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