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Integrating a new Captcha type

Hello every one, I need some help please
I am facing a bit of a problem not finding a Captcha type on GSA Captcha Breaker, at the time I though this software could solves any Captcha.
Here's a sample for that Captcha type: 

Can you please help me make GSA Captcha Breaker recognizes and solves this type of Captcha ?
I'll be very very thankful.

Kind regards,


  • SvenSven
    It can not solve every captcha. If that was possible then I would be rich and the software wouldn't be available for that price. However that captcha type looks not that complicated. If you can, please provide more samples (filename should have the correct answer) or at least an URL where to get them.
  • Thanks for your quick answer Sven.
    I can provide many samples, but I dont know where to get all possible faces of that captcha type.
    I'll gather as much samples as possible and post them.

    Thanks again.
    Kind regards
  • Here are the samples I could gather up

    I wonder how can I have GSA solve similar captcha ?

    Awaiting your answer,
    Kind regards
  • SvenSven
    those lines at the bottom are a problem. Hard to solve things automatically. However I will try to add it on next update. But don't expect a good solve rate.
  • I appreciate it very much !
    Please notify me whenever you do, so that I update my software when it's ready.

    Kind regards
  • SvenSven
    edited September 2014
    Import this
  • Thanks a lot for your help.
    I tried it but I no Captcha has been solved successfully !
    Is there anything else that can be done ?
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