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Adding Multiple Captcha Option Usage on GSA SER OPTION

@Sven i have 3 captcha services..

1 Captcha Breaker.
2 Captchatronix
3 Deathby captcha..

if ever i want to use only the Number 3 service in my project campaign 1 and use the 1+2 service ONLY in my project campaign2 .. how can i use the number 3 service in campaign 1?

as i have checked in the settings what remains there is only until use 1st service. 2nd service and user..

how can i use the captcha service 3 death by captcha?

adding more than 2nd service. probably add 3rd, 4th, 5th


  • SvenSven
    You asked this now in 3+ threads. One is enough especially as this is asked before and on my to-do list.
  • @sven i didnt get your attention in 1 thread tho :) just kidding.. Well @JAMESE suggested to open a separate thread so i did.. And for a feature request.. And it seems this request is really vital for your ser. As users sometimes uses multiple captcha services... This will make it more effective.. And if not implemented.. CB will be less effective as most users use their 2nd and 3rd party in integrating it in CB.. Hope you understand
  • @Sven when could this be possibly available for SER? i know your busy. i just want to know =)
    have a timeline for feature updates?=)
  • SvenSven
    no timeline sorry.
  • I've also been dying for this feature ever since I bought the program. It would make my life 1000% easier especially since I use SER engines a lot.

    "3rd captcha service!"
    "3rd captcha service!"
  • @serman i totally agree :) hope @sven will add until 4th captcha service
  • @Sven how can i use only 2nd service in SER? as for captcha option?
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