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nationbuilder platform

Anyone know if NationBuilder platform is possible to submit to with GSA?

If not, anyone have a software that can submit to NationBuilder?

Thanks ahead of time,


  • SvenSven
    show some footprints, sample sites and a way to place a link and I might script somehting.
  • Prints :
    "Created with NationBuilder"
    "Theme by Tectonica"
    "Sign in with Facebook, Twitter or email" + "suggestions"
    "Websites > [suggestions] > Box settings >"
    "Sign in with Facebook, Twitter or email." + "events"
    Upcoming events + "nationbuilder"
    "Events" + "host your own" + "Search for events in your area"
    "Built by Tectonica"

    Sample Sites:

    How to post :
    login and head to [URL]/suggestions/
    Fill in two boxes; Title, and Article with links (accepts HTML)

    login and head to [URL]/users/event_pages/new?parent_id=5
    Then fill in the information seen in the attachment
    (headline, when, email, venue, address, url, article)


    Thanks for even looking into this, Sven.


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