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Blog Comments Getting Cut Off? 0.5% verified

edited December 2012 in Bugs
I use to get about 10% approval rating on my blog comments(i skipp over 100 external links) so they tend to be need approval.

However, now I'm getting about   0.5% approval aka verified. 

So I looked over the ones that were verified and I found a couple that got posted but are cut off... just 2-3 words when the statement is about 20-30 words. I guess those blogs are AA.

Is there anyway to test this or check this? I know there is a test button in the project options and that works but the posts that are really trying to get posted are doing bad.

I checked all proxies...ran without proxies... lowered the thread count...everything I could think of.  There are no "download failed". I have the timeout all the way to 180.

I tried multiple projects and different keywords too. Everything is the same like when I was getting 10%( about 2 weeks ago before the updates) all same filters.

Appreciate the help and any advice on how to improve approval rating.



  • SvenSven
    I would need some project backup to see if there is a problem (don't think so as nothing got changed on the posting part really). 
  • It's back to 10% now after the last update. 4.87
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