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Important Tip/warning for Catchall email users!

edited December 2012 in Other / Mixed
Are you guys using a catchall email on your own moneysite domain ?! if yes , then you are doing a BIG mistake and you are risking your entire domain to get blacklisted or marked as bad neighborhood/poor reputation site!. I think most of you guys already know about this and you are already using some other domains for catchall emails other than your moneysite but it's worth mentioning for newbies anyway.

But are you guys using a separate IP address for the domain you dedicated for catchall email ?! if not then you are doing a HORRIBLE mistake!. Your money site domain's IP may get blacklisted and/or marked as bad/low reputation on some famous sites in no time because of this small mistake. You should order a new IP addresses from your hosting company immediately and assign one for every domain you add to your account for this purpose or at least assign one IP address for all catchall domains.

If you have been using catchall email on your moneysite's server IP address for quite a while I would highly recommend you to check your server's ip against any DNS based email
blacklists. on this site

If you find you IP blacklisted somewhere then you should order a new IP address for your server immediately although this is not perfect for seo in Google's eyes specially for the folks who moved/changed their server recently. But it's better than having a blacklisted IP for your moneysite anyway.

Yes , buying new IP's for catchall domains will cost you extra $ but it will keep you on the safe side on the long run. Using massive email lists for your internet marketing ? then keeping your server's IP safe is the heart of your business to avoid getting your marketing emails blocked and never reach your customers inbox or even their junk/spam box in case they are using a famous server level spam filtering services. Just wanted to let you guys be aware about this.

Also, I have a small simple idea we can implement in GSA SER to avoid using catchall emails at all while enjoying the same convenient you get from catchall emails and even more!. You can check it out over here if you are interested.


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