(Survey): Which VPS are you using? Anyone with good reviews?

Since 8 months I'm using VPS of solidseovps. The customer care is excellent, they reply very fast.
The problem is the really very inconstant quality, above all about the speed.
Sometime it's fast (usually just few days or weeks when I upgrade my plan to un upper VPS), and sometime it's really slow, even when I lower the threads or sometime also when I stop all the softwares.

I think that the problem is the same of many VPS seller, they oversell VPS and/or overcharge the nodes.

I'm using an online tool for the Benchmark Test, I don't know if it's very accurate, anyway it can be a tool to estimate the difference between 2 different VPS (or I hope so). If anyone wants to try, the url is www.silver.urih.com

  • First I had a VPS with 2 gb ram, CPU 6.8 Ghz, and I got a Benchmark value of 3,351;
  • Later (now) I have a VPS of 4 gb ram, CPU 13.6 Ghz, SSD, and I got a Benchmark value of 10,620; Wow, I was so happy! It was really fast!! :-O
  • After 2 weeks the same last VPS got a Benchmark value of 4,296!! Less than the half of when I bought it!  image

Do you agree with me that something is wrong and the VPS service is not working well, or it can be normal a so huge variation of speed?

Which VPS are you using? Are you happy with it?

Any help is really appreciate, thanks


  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
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    i'm with Host-Stage for a long time, never had one problem!
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    You can get dedicated server for 40-60 bucks with Xeon E3 1230/1230v2 and 1gbps line. Its possible that you will pay less for dedicated server than you pay now for VPS (and you will get better hardware - more ram, more CPU power).

    I dont get why so many guys here use VPS when dedicated servers in online.net, soyoustart.com and datashack.net are so cheap.
  • Thanks to both for suggestions.

    @satyr85 My answer to your question is that everytime I check the prices, dedicateds are more expensive than VPS. So I tryed to buy one top VPS (at least, with solidseovps my VPS is one of the top) instead that a more expensive dedis.

    Tomorrow I will check the companies you suggested, thank you.

    Good night for now :-)
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
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    IMO sometimes the lesser known service providers offer the better service as they are not overrun/over sold with subscribers all hammering their VPS at the same time..  
  • solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com
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    I am not sure how you do your benchmark or how you measuring this, also i dont see anyone opened any ticket with vps issue recently

    kindly open a ticket let us check why you think its slow, most of the time its not really performance issue more than a network conflict
  • @solidseovps
    I opened a ticket yesterday 1 september, before to writ here.
    The repy was really fast (as always), but not than good the solution, my VPS is as slow as before.

    The ticket is still open, as I replied that I will test the VPS for one more day before to update it
  • solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com
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    we have replied back, kindly let us test it and see why it slow for you, we never oversell so you should always have decent performance regardless how long you have it

  • Well, to end this threads, I have to say (as I already told in the OP) that the support is the best part of SolidSeoVps. One of the top member of that company, after to read this thread has checked well my issue and solved it in a very short time. I wanted to test everything for a day before to confirm that now the VPS does what he promise.

    They solved a problem about the port 80 and also changed it to another node.

    Now is fast like before, and also faster than before :-)

    Maybe the time of try a dedi (I checked all the websites you suggested me, there are some good offers) is near, I just prefer to wait that my businesses improve a little before to buy it.

    Thanks to everybody, this forum rocks!
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