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What are the best settings for maximum efficacy and results?

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Is it best to have only link type 301s for maximum effect ?

Is it best to only generate links with keywords in,(or should you have both?

Is it best to activate recursive mode 2 to generate backlinks to backlinks?

I have gsa indexer which appears outputted shortened urls are automatically outputted to the indexer tool.

I have a pinger tool, does it make sense to "ping" the links in the indexer too?

Will we get penalised by google for doing the above?

Is it best to set the PR to 1 or above in the "configure indexers" page  for maximum results?

Is it best to set the "certain types" to 301 only for maximum results?

What are the best settings for maximum impact and results (without getting grief or penalised by google etc)

Are there any "dangers" or potential harm to our websites that we should be aware of  (like generating links too quick)?



  • lots of questions and lots there is really no answer, but if you wanna avoid any potential harm for  your website i guess you are surfing the wrong webistes as of now, for you prolly the safest is to press Ctrl + F4 right now.

    So far i didnt had time for excessive tests, but on

    R0 (recursive off) i did get 220 - 301 redirect links
    R1 i did get 44.000 - 301 links ...

    cant even imagine how much R2 would generate then LOL,

    I am no expert but i just read that 302 redirects actually do harm sites, so i tried only the 301 so far.


  • edited September 2014
    Its working perfectly now, i was using public proxies on the multiple urls at start, that didnt cut it:)
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