Someone explain this for me.

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So let's say I have a niche site. For this example the niche will be weight loss.

My h1 tag is weight loss
My h2 tag is how to lose weight
My h3 tag is losing weight fast

In gsa I have my link and anchor text. My anchor text is {Weight Loss|How To Loss Weight}

How come these two keywords have not moved in over a month, and the 3rd keyword Losing Weight Fast that I am NOT boosting is Rank 21?

Does this matter when it comes to this problem.

The keywords I have mentioned are just an example. But I do not understand why with all these links being pushed into my 2 keywords they are not ranking.
By the way there is only 100k results for the niche I am talking about so competition is EXTREMELY low. 
Does GSA focusing on one keyword become a bad thing after a while?

Thanks in advance.

I would love to hear from @Ron on this.


  • You sent links only with SER for 2 keywords and didn't rank?

    The struggle is real.
  • @zero In the keyword section I have over 1k keywords. I am talking about the anchor text.
  • I'm dying.
  • @zero either help or fuck off. Simple
  • Just because you have no knowledge on {GSA|SEO|manners}, doesn't mean that you need to be pissed off. is a perfect match for you.
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    It appears that what you've done is select two KWs for your anchor text, and nothing else other than 10% generic, meaning that the links to your site are made of 10% mixed generic phrases such as click here, Read more, blah blah blah etc, 45% of one KW and 45% of the other.

    Opinions vary, but most ppl will say that 2-5% is the most you should use for any one KW and some more adventurous types might even suggest you can go as high as 10-15%, but I'm certain that everyone will agree that 45% is bad.  In fact very bad.  If fact so bad, you should be pleased that it is still ranking for anything
  • I've seen Quite a few people ranking with 30-40% anchor match and doing just fine as well.  Not just a site here and there but Quite a few.  Actually in the niches that I go for the Top 3 spots all have around 30-40%.
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    I agree. High anchor text % you can get away with in some niches and others not.

    I always adjust my anchor text ratios accordingly to niches.

  • OK chaps, I'll consider myself chastised :)
  • @Hunar @davbel if you check some sites, you can see one of the payday loans sites that was ranked for 2-3 hours on today but it got penalized

    100% main anchor
  • @davbel Thanks.
    What would you recommend. Would you recommend I use my url and my 1 anchor kw, then simply split the other keywords in the anchor text area so my cloud % is split more?

    Or in the url section should I just have the niche URL with no kw?

    Will add screenshots later if needed.
  • bestimtoolzbestimtoolz High PR WEB 2.0 posting service - affordable !
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    This what I do is to separate my main keywords into different project and all the rest like LSI, generic, brand, URL in second project to have better control over my main anchors and lower tiers I am building to them. But the truth is you should vary things a lot, anchors, link sources etc. everything above 10%/anchor is bit risky, I also see some niche websites where people have 30-40% for one anchor but I think it is a matter of time depending on niche when they get panelized.
  • davbeldavbel UK
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    @Khaos88 a good start would be to pick 2- 3 main KWs.  These would be the KWs you want the page to rank for and go in your anchor text field.

    Then you need to get at least 10 closely related KWs and probably another 20 or so related or similar topic KWs.  Where you put these is up to you.  Stick them all in your secondary or split them into Partial Match, Secondary and LSI or how you see fit.

    Branding is generally your website title or perhaps the URL

    Then you need to adjust the %s.  As @bestimtoolz said, prolly no more than 10% for your main KWs although I'd generally keep that lower than 5% per KW, so 3 KWs = 15%

    Set generic at something like 5% or 10% and set Domain as Anchor text at 20-50%

    Then set the other & so all your tick boxes add up to 100%

    What you are trying to achieve is anchor text diversity within a closely themed set of KWs

    This is not a blueprint, but just a "general" overview.  As others have said you can get away with different ratios / %s depending on the niche and on the type of site you are trying to rank, so I'd have a look in Ahrefs or Majestic and see what the top 5 or 10 are doing with theirs and adjust your accordingly.
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    @davbel does that include having Citation and Anchor text varioations ticked?

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