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[Bug] Opened threads don't close when I stop projects


Opened threads don't close when I stop projects.. I waited 2 hours ! but the threads are still open. No out of memory errors as well.

I hope you fix this VERY annoying bug soon or at least give us a button to kill/close these stuck threads without killing the full program.

My Regards,


  • I just sent you 5 bug reports from 5 different servers with reference to this topic. All with the same problem. I hope this will help you debug the problem and fix it. Thanks
  • SvenSven

    can you provide a project backup?

  • @Sven

    Sent you a project backup..plz check your PM.

  • @Sven ..

    Well done.. the latest version improved a lot. Still I have to wait 10 minutes -witch is a long time- but the damn threads got closed in the end!. Thanks!.

    Can you just change the time out for this when we click the stop button to 2 minutes max ?
  • SvenSven
    hmm it should not take 10 minutes...just send another bugreport if you wwaited a longer time and it's not down to 0...
  • I tried it one more time now and all threads closed in 2/3 minutes. Only one thread was open on one of the servers and I tried to close the program and it got closed in a sec! and all projects settings were saved correctly. I guess finally this annoying problem is gone and no need for daily killing the program from the task manager.

    Very well done.. thanks Sven.
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