I improved my speeds by 400% with this.

I've tried out every VPS, dedicated server provider... ranging from Online.net, Hetzner (high resources, terrible consumption), OVH, GreenCloud, PowerUpHosting, BermanHosting etc

I've finally found the one that I love. You're paying mainly for the quality, because GSA can utilize all of the resources very well, and compared to similar servers provided by other companies (same specs), it performs much better with exactly the same information (proxies, list, options, projects).

1200+ LpM now, thanks to Digital Ocean. I use the $320 / month plan, but any plan lower is fine. A lot of other providers provide the exact same specs for much less, but honestly, this is the best.

I use London, UK location, no proxies, no complaints.

I'm not a paid spokesperson or anything or an affiliate, but I just love DO.


  • 1200+ LPM ?? wow! ..I thought a 32 bit program will never reach that speed. How many projects / threads are you using though ? do you get "out of memory" errors while on this speed ?
  • zerozero yashar
    15 projects, nope.
  • It looks like that this is only for hosting.. I can find what os they are using..
  • sagarpatilsagarpatil 1LinkList Ninja
    I don't see an option for Windows VPS on their website. Do you mind sharing how you are doing it?
  • Yeah, I'm wondering too, how this can be done?
  • You can run Windows, there are a few tutorials showing 4 ways to do it.
  • LOL for 320/month

    you might be better off getting several instances of GSA running on several VPS providers

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