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Not backing-up / freezing

Hey. I just bought this software. So far with these issues, it's not really useful. What I'm doing is checking batches of 1 million auto-generated emails to see which ones are live... Even using 10 dedicated proxies I'm getting a very low success ratio (most are returned unsure).

Ok, so the main issues I'm facing is with back-ups and complete freeze after a random amount of time (usually 20 mins). I am checking auto-backup as csv. It does a back-up after the first 5 minutes and then it never back-up again. This combined with the application freeze (UI still remains but everything just stops and cannot click on anything) I pretty much have to babysit it and stop/export/remove every 10 or so minutes.

Anyone else experiencing this?


  • SvenSven
    sorry no. Can you maybe offer access to that system when is happens again?
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