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Can someone please explain me why every time I tried to check the verified urls, I received to many untested urls ?

All the untested urls in the Link URL column have N/A !!!

I also have to many articles that I can manual check them and they have backlink with anchor but GSA SER saw me that there is not backlink and empty anchor !!!

I use private proxies to check the verified urls 

Thanks in advance


  • I manual checked my verified links of a project and I have to much more back links that GSA SER found.
    I mean that double click on one of the verified links, open it on a browser and check the backlink with the anchor, but GSA SER for the same url gave me Anchor Text [empty] and Link URL N/A. 

    The untested urls remains untested even I checked them every  5 mins.
    When GSA SER check the untested urls ?


  • SvenSven
    untested urls are those submitted but not verified once right? You get a [empty] / N/A verified if the article was posted and no link was placed according to your settings.
  • Hello @Sven and thanks for your answer.

    When I double click a verify url with [empty] anchor and N/A url, I saw that the url exist and has anchor and backlink with my url !!!

    Most of all urls that are untested have anchor and url !!!

    Why this happened ?


  • SvenSven
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    send a sample url in pm please.
  • @Sven pm sent with sample urls
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