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How to double/triple the LPM in 1 hour :)

I know, it can seems obvious, but sometimes the easiest solutions are the most forgotten... :)

I just... doubled the power of my VPS, upgraded it from 2 gb ram to 4, also it has double cpu, and SSD HD instead that regular HD.


After days, weeks, months trying to calibrate and adjusting every single option of Ser for to get better results, I had a big help from a simple upgrading of the vps, that was always running to the limits.

Double/triple LPM now, using the same (old) lists of before, changing nothing else.

Today I had to buy more proxies because I was having too much threads for that proxies.


  • KaineKaine
    Many people do not know anything about hardward, cpu does not need to be at 100% for loosing performance for example.
  • peterperseo than get ready to triple it again when u go for a dedi.
    All hardcore users like me told 100s of times that you guys stop using vps and
    go buy cheaps dedi instead. Usually for the same price as vps

  • @derdor
    Thanks for your suggestion. I read it other times, but actually a VPS for me is much more easy to use, install everything, support, etc. I'm so full absorbed and concentrated about SER, SEO, Websites, Ranking etc that now I prefer to leave your suggestion for ahead. For sure one day I will try it, even if I read on this forum differents opinions about dedis.

    actually I don't know much about hardware, I prefer softwares  :D
    Anyway with my old VPS, when I was near to 100% Cpu usage sometime the VPS had crashes, so the only way to use it was lowering the threads. Now with double CPU I can use much more threads of before, so more links every day. It seems simple to understand for me.
    If you have more knowledge about VPS Hardwares, feel free yourself to share with others a little "ignorant" about it  :D   :D
  • 1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
    Yep, CPU is a big barrier to speed.

    Another bottle-neck alot of people dont take into account is port-size. You could have, for example, a quad-core I7 with 16 gigs of ram - and sure, GSA will let you run 500 threads.

    It will look like they are working - and they are - but at a certain point getting more speed is not about making your server more powerful. Your going to be limited by the size of your uplink.

    In actuality, your better with 4 boxes of half that size (With different uplinks, of course.)

    Why? Because the difference in a 10mb, 100mb, and 1gb port is very real. Think of it like downloading one file at once, or downloading 100. Yes; you CAN download all those files at once - but depending on the speed of your internet connection, its going to take longer to download each file.

    Its very important when you do this to make sure your not just getting another VPS running on the same dedicated box. Having multiple servers in place of 1 very powerful server is good; but having them all running as virtual instances on the same dedicated defeats the purpose (They end up sharing a port).

    Forgive the rambling; This is a practical issue I encountered a few years ago. Splitting 5 dedicated boxes into 30 VPS with different uplinks made all the difference.
  • KaineKaine
    edited August 2014
    No problem ( :) ) and in reality 1linklist go in right direction, but for cpu no body think of cache cpu.

    Cache cpu have a very limited quantity and you can't change that like ram. More task run and less you have cache ... just think how many cache you can have free with VPS. But that's not all, according many network card write directly in this memory and driver of a VMware like is often "emulated".

    You can consider a cpu that lacks cache is like a cpu that lacks ram and gonna "swapper" on the hard drive.

    This is why a dedicated is the best option.
  • @kaine @derdor
    Well, as I said before I don't know so much about hardware.
    But making a comparation DEDICATED vs VPS, at the moment I'm using this VPS:

    - CPU 13,6 ghz, Quad CORES, RAM 4 gb, Hard Disk SSD, Network Port SPeed 1 Gbps, WIN 2008, $70/month, excellent help assistance.

    It seems me a good solution, is there a DEDICATED with better features for that price?
  • KaineKaine
    You surely can found best hardware but just look price

  • @kaine what do they charge for windows?
  • KaineKaine
    edited August 2014
    @davbel no other charge, the server ships in less than an hour, just enough time to install the system you want and it's ready :)
  • €30 a month including Windows?  Are they reliable?
  • davbel
    don't pay for windows.
    search for "install windows over kvm"

  • 1st result - "Some facts: Installing Windows 7 with IDE drivers require about 12 hour"

  • KaineKaine

    This is only first month for me but no one problem at this time.
  • KaineKaine
    Edit, no install windows server is not free ... but you can use your proper iso.
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