Can we click based on the class


Am relatively new to the forum, can we click a forum(or a link) by searching for a particular class(css class)
For example <div class="abcd">Click here</div>


  • Hi, sorry if its not clear, am attempting to tweak the Engines for postings
  • sven thanks for the response

    Here is the snippet of code

    <h2 class="forumtitle">
    <a href="forumdisplay.php/306-Pro-Evolution-Soccer-2014">Pro Evolution Soccer 2014</a>

    i want to click on the link Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

    can it be something like this?

    front=<h2 class="forumtitle"><a href="

    modify url=%mylink%
    just download=1
  • Or something like

    find link=*Pro Evolution Soccer*
    find url=*forumdisplay.php*
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