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Importing CSV file

edited December 2012 in Other / Mixed
Hi when i import keywords from CSV file i see them in the little window  and then when i click  Ok ,the little window closes  but i do not see the   keywords in the field   keywords ?


  • do you have other keywords in there? It might be weeding out duplicates
  • edited December 2012
     the field  Keyword  is blank:  then  when i choose  tool ,import ,and  open the CSV file i add all the keywords and  i see all the list of the keywords  with the X front of them as Keywords imported ..then when  i hit ok ....the little window disappears  and  then  pouf ............ there is not keyword in the field  Keywords in the main page of the set up
  • SvenSven
    working fine for me. Could it be a unicode file issue? Can you email that csv file?
  • it was a list i got from keyword tool  google    i take off the columns and save the keyword to csv  file  and thats it  never happened to me before.... is it may be cuz i do this think workingin my VPS   windows ????
  • SvenSven
    No clue. At least I couldn't reproduce this on my PC.
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