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I want to Hire somebody to help me with GSA

Hi, my site is a site about celebrities and so far I have written 50 articles on the site posting them over the past 3 months.  They are all in the KC range of about 20-25 and I really want to see the articles start hitting the first page but they are stuck on the third page.  I could learn GSA myself and I probably will at some point but I'd like to hire someone to help me; who really knows their stuff and we can work out a deal where I pay you a fee.  I'd even be willing to work on some kind of revenue share from the site based on performance as I plan on putting up many more websites - right now I have Google Adsense and Taboola ads on there making a little but not much money.  My expertise is putting up websites and I'd rather have someone else help with the SEO so would definitely be willing to continue long term with someone good and honest.  Hope I posted this in the right place.  Thanks.


  • You can contact me directly locussst  <at> g  mail

    And I could pay through PayPal.
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