Faster Way To Add Emails?

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I've been adding hotmail emails to each project by hand. So far, it's been okay -- not that big of a deal. But I just set up 15 new projects and now have to go back and enter in all the emails.

Is there a faster or easier way to add emails? I figure there must be a better way than what I'm doing. Manually doing each one by hand is a time sink and if there's a quicker way, I should be doing it.

Thank you for your suggestions!


  • Yes there are 2 ways, first one is using Catchall email:

    and other one is using .txt file with ton's of emails and you can find more details about that here:

    Hope it helps. :)
  • I've considered the catchall option, but doesn't seem like a good idea in my opinion. Lots of drawbacks, the biggest of which is all links being wiped out from a domain blacklist.

    The second option actually looks very appealing and I will look into it. Thank you!
  • Crap, doesn't really help. Looked into the second method... but not really that great.

    Guess what I need isn't even available.

    What I'd love is an import emails and passwords feature on the emails.

    Select a file... and it takes the top most emails and passwords from a list. 15 projects... it takes the top 15 emails and passwords and assigns on to each project. Something like that would be awesome.

    I actually tried to just create a macro to insert the emails and passwords, but it's not possible.....

    Open up a task.... save the task and close it. Now hit the down arrow to go to the next task... it immediately goes to the top of the entire projects list rather than the next on in line. This makes creating a simple macro impossible.

    Anyone got any other suggestions?

    I had manually adding these email accounts... it's killing me I tell ya!
  • @TheSeoKrakken

    I added a feature request for something similar with even more convenient. But I can see that no body is interested!

    check it out here
  • Yes... I like your idea a LOT.
  • I may dabble with catchalls.... but it's a pain and your idea is much easier and SAFER too.
  • Still doing it by hand sadly. No solution to this problem yet?
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    Nope, You have to do it by hand. You can try catchall on different IP & different domain (.tk is not bad btw )

    Sven will not implement my idea since the idea didn't get enough votes. I guess everybody is happy with catchall !! although I noticed it slowed down my projects. I see that the email verification process takes much longer now after using the same catchall email in multiple projects although I already set up a cron job to delete emails every 2 days. My guess is that 2 factors cause the slowness.

    1- Hotmail servers are much faster than my hostgator shared server.
    2- When using Hotmail I select the 3rd option in SER to delete all emails which seems to make the process much more faster than when I select the 2nd option.
  • Yeah, that's what I'm doing. Delete all emails, each project gets a unique email. Things go faster that way.

    That really blows your idea didn't get enough support.
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