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Wordpress (Private Blog Network) Manager vs

thinking of a wordpress manager to manage my blog network.

i could only find these 2 in google.

Was wondering if anyone used the above (or any other third party to recommend)?


  • Haven't used any of those but if you are looking to just post to your self hosted WP blog networks you can do it with SER.
  • I like managewp better + it's open source.
  • I'll throw in to the mix since this is what I'm using and I'm satisfied with it. :) 

    cons for me right now:
    some remote back-up issue
    there are now a number of extensions, but for traffic monitoring, I'm still using slimstats(which I'm not sure if it leaves footprints)

  • I can vouch for MainWP.  Been using it since it first came out.  It's updated frequently and works well apart from one or two issues - the back up @dmrt mentions and also one of my hosts uses a custom WP admin access firewall which can cause issues
  • edited August 2014
    Me too - 1 UP for the Sick Crew. Been using their Products since SickSubmitter was launched. MainWP (SickNetwork before) is a good one. Davbel is also right the remote backup is sometimes a bit buggy if you Backup many domains with 1 backup schedule, but if you schedule ur backups one by one, means 1 backup task per domain, it will be ok.
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