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Possible bug, but only for same projects (T2 contestual)

edited August 2014 in Bugs
Since yesterday I'm getting a lot of verified without the link to the upper tier.
The problem is ONLY on all my T2 contestual projects, and not on all type of projects (T1 & T3).

The strange thing is that the engine selection of T2 is the same of T1 (but with different filters), but on T1 I don't get the error.

Check this pictures down here, and @Sven if you need I will send you a backup of ine project with this trouble.



The problem started yesterday at the same time for all the projects 22 aug 2014, h. 11.12 am (5.12 GMT)



  • SvenSven
    And if you open such links you see what? The article without a link? If thats the case it might be normal after all. Some settings post without a link (citations, schedule settings to have on link on first post...).
  • When I open all that links, I can't find my link. If I open the few links with the urls, always I can easily find them.

    Anyway.... if I select that urls and push "Verify>Selected Urls", I get all that links "Verified Successfully"  :-O

  • SvenSven
    You can't find your link but can you find the article at all?
  • Yes, most of the time the article is there, but there is no link (apparently)
  • SvenSven
    so then it must be one of your settings that remove links before posting. Make some screenshots of article manager and anchor text inputs please.
  • SvenSven
    as expected you use the option "Link only on 50% of posted articles".
  • Thank you very much Sven! I changed that option and now Ser is working better.
    Anyway I'm still getting verified links without the target link, but much less than before. Maybe they are just the submitted links uploaded before to make this change.
    Hopefully in a couple of days I should not still have them, I will update this thread next days.

    Thanks again!

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