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Shanibpo or Captchabot

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I am currently looking for a new captcha service for use with SER.. I have used DBC and AntiGate and wanting to try another.

Captchabot seems to be the cheapest, but there aren't really many reviews online.. 

Shanibpo is slightly more expensive, and I see some good reviews..

Any GSA users got some input here?


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    No experience with captchabot, but my experience with the others:

    Decaptcha - expensive

    Shanipbo - had many problems with them going offline whilst i needed them. They also limited my connection due to the number of requests i was sending to their service. This was easily fixed by creating a support ticket, but just something to keep in mind if you use a lot of threads

    deathbycaptcha - who i use now. Slighly more expensive then the rest, but i've had less issues with them  then with the others providers i've used in the past
  • JamesJames
    Thanks @doubleup I am going to give captchabot a try for a small run.

    Regarding Shanibpo, I see a lot of mixed reviews but mostly positive.. I might try them next.

    Regarding DBC, I had a bad run with them a few months back where their service was just too loaded and success rates were low
  • JamesJames
    Reporting back.. Captchabot seemed to have lots of randomly typed replies like they were either running OCR software or their staff were cheating the system..

    Unfortunately GSA SER doesn't report bad captchas so it was a loss..

    They got a very low % of them correct...
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