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Looking for beta-testers and Feedback! (1Linklist, MILLIONS of fresh urls a day)

1linklist1linklist FREE TRIAL Linklists - VPM of 150+ -
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Were going live (Soon), and were ready to start letting beta-testers in to 1Linklist now. Were looking for any feedback we can get to improve user experience, and in exchange are offering all beta-testers free access for 1 month.

1Linklist is your standard link-lists on steroids. Its built on the same technology we used to dominate the Casino serps for years, and as such we dont much fancy 20,30, 100, or 200 thousand verified links. We think, a bit, ahem, bigger, than that (Because that's what a niche like that takes).

We average 1-3 million fresh urls in our members area every day. These are deduped, and sorted into platform specific textfiles. So all the heavy-lifting is done; Just import to GSA, and press go.

Theres also a huge archive of 500+ Linklists going back a few months, ready for instant download to. So good times for anyone looking to amp up their linkbuilding.

If your interested in testing this service (And giving us some feedback in exchange!), just shoot me a PM and we'll let you in.

Were looking for about 20 beta-testers, so that's our cut-off!

PS: Sorry if this is not the right section for this, we weren't really sure where to put this.


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