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How do I know if GSA Indexer is active?

edited December 2012 in Need Help
I bought GSA Indexer and installed it on same PC where GSA is installed (the check box on GSA SER index options used to say "buy"  and now the "buy"
is gone.)

When I click hotlink for GSA SEO it takes me to

GSA SER is smart enough to start Captcha Sniper, how come its not apparent how I'm supposed to activate GSA Indexer or know if its active or not?

What is the process to activate GSA Indexer to be used with GSA SER and how do I know if its active and indexing links?


  • just check the "send verified links to indexer service" in the project options. and check the "use gsa seo indexer to index verified links" in the global indexing options. if everything is set up correctly gsa ser will start seo indexer automatically and you will see two new windows where seo indexer will process your verified links.

    to index already verified links, just select them all --> right click --> index selected urls --> gsa seo indexer

  • your instructions arnt fully clear.. what if im running 3 different domains in GSA SER.. i have the option ticked to send urls to GSA Seo indexer but how am i sure its sending them all to it?? when i open gsa seo indexer comes to a blank box with import/export/add/start  ..... what do i do to start off?
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    "send only dofollow urls" is optional.
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