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25,000 FREE verified list

I want to share the free list

over 25K target sites (verified), scrapped by myself and still processing (it`s growing), I provide free updates of this list.

sorry for the second thred, I made it by accident ... and it seems I can`t delete them.


  • Is the list comes without duplicate domain and urls ?
  • Good list, I'using it since yesterday, and my LPM is very good!
  • how do I get one?

  • peterperseo Thanks for your positive opinion, list is still updated with new target sites, it`s now over 35K and growing, I think it will consists in total of 40K target sites, I will not keep them bigger. Next update will be available at 1-5 Sept to all subscribers for FREE.

    The list is available HERE
  • The list getting bigger than I thought (: its 46K+ of verified at the moment.

    It will be reprocessed once again at the 3-5th september so all the subscribers will get them updated for free.

    You can get this list here:

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