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Looking to Buy Two Things: 1) Need Custom GSA Mod 2) Looking to buy account data from your projects

I am looking for two separate things here.
  1. An experienced programmer who can help mod an existing engine within GSA
  • Increasing success rate of a particular engine
  • Posting in a way to the URL that GSA does not currently support
  • Pay will be hourly, and will pay well. Don't believe this should take more than 3-4 hours...

     2. Looking to buy your active account data.

  • I am looking to buy account data from your existing GSA projects meaning URL/Login/Password. In order to get this is a simple export. I am only interested in contextual accounts and specific platforms/engines.
  • Will pay depending on what you have. Contact me for more details. This would be free money for someone who used to run GSA a lot and isnt doing anything with the account data, or if you dont reuse your account data.

If you can do either of the above please shoot me a message at: and we can get into the details.

Thanks for reading!

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