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Get all post urls without verifying and removing with schedule posting?

How should I configure project to get list of all posted urls?
I don't want it verify because a lot of it will not have links.
I set option "Don't remove urls" but after running project some time I've got 2 submitted urls and 9 verified urls. Why verifiled urls bigger than submitted?


  • SvenSven
    once verified, the url is removed from the submitted no ,matter what option you checked.
  • Ok. So to get all submitted urls I should disable verification completely?
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    Sergada, that will work. GSA will still pickup a few as verified though, but it will be like 1/100th (Mostly ones where the link automatically showed up on the page I think.)

    It will not remove any from your submitted list any longer though. So you got it! :)
  • If what you want is to save the submitted urls (verified or not), then you should enable the Submitted folder.


    SER should save all submitted urls to this folder...

  • 1linklist I've tried that and GSA doesn't collect post urls :(

    @Olve1954 Great, but I need to get submit url for project and not urls for all projects
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