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NEW METHOD Grow your list faster than anything you have ever have seen before,"I'm Talking Millions"

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Scrape and clean a 100,000 verified lists of new targets 
-Receive 300,000 in exchange, SOUND FAIR ??

Scrape and clean a 10,000 verified lists of new targets   
-Receive 30,000 in exchange, SOUND FAIR ??


This simple BUT unique method of massively growing your list in a very short space of time is NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 

WTF is all this about....?

Simple but unique concept enables you to grow your verified list faster than anything you have ever seen before, i'm talking millions...!

Here's How It Works ( Video )

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 12.29.47

Here's How It Works ( text )

Submitted to the group ( .SL file ONLY ) (site list file) No Txt files

Typical Example Of Only 10 People In The Group 

Submits 11,000 verified URLs to the group               10th place

Submits 25,000 verified URLs to the group               9th place

Submits 75,000 verified URLs to the group               3rd place

Submits 30,000 verified URLs to the group               8th place

Submits 110,000 verified URLs  to the group            1st place 

Submits 67,000 verified URLs  to the group              5th place

Submits 43,000 verified URLs  to the group              7th place

Submits 98,000 verified URLs  to the group              2nd place

Submits 57,000 verified URLs to the group               6th place 

Submits 69,000 verified URLs to the group              4th place

TOTAL Verified URLs Submitted To The Group 585,000  in a 2 week period NO DUPLICATE URLs 

( Remember These Numbers Are ONLY Based On 10 People Taking Part )

Divide this number by the 10 people who took part 

= 58,500 verified URLs

Members only Leader Board @

Publicised on a leaderboard at every 2 weeks

1st place gets 585,000 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 110,000 links

2nd place gets 526,500 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 98,000 links

3rd place gets 468,000 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 75,000 links

4th place gets 409,500 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 69,000 links

5th place gets 351,000 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 67,000 links

6th place gets 292,500 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 57,000 links

7th place gets 234,000 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 43,000 links

8th place gets 175,500 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 30,000 links

9th place gets 117,000 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 25,000 links

10th place gets 58,500 Unique Verified URLs In Return for 11,000 links

PLEASE NOTE: The cap is set to a minimum of 10,000 verified unique URLs ( if you have not got more than 10,000 per 2 weeks to submit then you can not take part ) 

De-Duping URLs

All .SL files will be de-duped on a URL level and NOT domain before they are submitted to the group. ( this is done inside GSA SER ) ( training inside the members area )

When the numbers start getting ridiculous ( dishing out 3 million URLs per person) we can look at de-dupe on a domain level. No-one is going to be able to post 3 million URLs in 2 weeks..


You will be required to scrape with all of GSA SERs footprints and provide stats to show that. Also scrape with different languages Bulgarian, Russian, Chinese the lot, the more languages and engines the better link diversity.  ( training inside the members area )

With some footprints you are going to get more URLs than others  


Blog comments will generate a hell of a lot more verified URLs than directories and articles etc. BUT you must use all the footprints ( you will still receive a very diverse list in return for your scraping efforts ) 

Submitting To The Group

You will need to provide us with a stats list like the one below on dropbox links with the verified list (.SL file only) which you will produce every 2 weeks. 

The total amount of URLs are at the bottom of this stats list.


Processing List Times

We will, with every list that is submitted check that the list is de-duped on a URL level and check if the list has any duplicates from any other lists that were submitted previously by that same person or anyone else in the group plus check them against any lists that are being sold on the market.

If you are found to be submitting any of the above then you will be kicked out, no warnings 

Delivery of your list to you

Once everyone has submitted their verified lists it will take us approximately 2 days to check that the submitted URLs are not duplicated in any way, you will receive a dropbox link with your links and you will appear on the leaderboard at

"Every 2 weeks you are tripling, quadrupling plus your verified list that you scrape by submitting it to the group so in a month or so you will have a verified list that will smash any niche, plus this is a fresh list every 2 weeks" 

Just imagine how many unique links you can generate in a few months? If you are a good scraper and can stay around the top of the leaderboard every 2 weeks then you are going to explode your list size very very quickly. 






Just $67 monthly to get access to over half a million PLUS verified URLs every 2 weeks...


Hovering around the top of the leaderboard every 2 weeks will get you approx half a million URLs ..

This is the quickest way to build a verified list to rank with, if you are already scraping then this is a no brainer.. You're just leveraging what you have already..

Any questions hit me up in this thread ONLY  ( No PMs please ) 



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    why should people PAY you to share and obtain lists. So as a coordinator, you earn cash from others effort and put in close to zero or bare minimum effort.

    i seriously think this is a failed sales thread
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    It's about people who want to up their game with their list size every 2 weeks

    It's already happening, and the people taking part are already benefiting from it HUGELY so, it speaks for itself....

    I understand that some people may not be happy about this as it's giving people access to massive lists and it may look like we are stepping on the toes of the guys that sell lists in here, the fact is it's beneficial to the people who scrape, so if you don't scrape then you need to go buy a 100k - 150k list for $50, if you do scrape then you can leverage your efforts by clubbing together.

    We regularly dish out hundreds of thousands of verified URLs every 2 weeks and now with more people taking part we will be dishing out millions.. 

    It's now open up to the public...
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    this only makes sense if there isn't a fee imposed and i don't see why anyone would be foolish enough to get in on this.

    You stand to gain from both ways by making profit from others work and getting free lists
  • Just picked this up off FB, sounds interesting ....

    What kind of numbers are you doing at the moment ??
  • @stranger you have strange ideas mate! This is a fantastic system that gives me a huge list (probably 10 times what I contribute) every two weeks. What is starnge about that ;)
  • $670 fortnightly income and free verified lists. Who would have thought :)
  • @meGansh
    last week we scraped a combined 350,000 with 6 people taking part, a few people had issues with servers crashing but the number 1 position submitted 110,000 verified links so they tripled their list within 2 weeks as they received 350,000 verified links.

    Based on this, with just 12 people taking part you are looking at receiving 700,000 fresh links in a 2 week period. You can quickly see how the link list size will grow with more people taking part.

    Have you scraped before and what kind of numbers are you currently doing ?? 
  • Yep.. pay up share your list and get a list in return.. sounds good lol @bangkoklad @stranger
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    I could scrape about 80,000 in 2 weeks and i could well use that big list

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    Probably the best business idea
  • @meGansh 80,000 is a good figure to reap the rewards 

    The last guy got 287,000 links from submitting 80,000 .. Remember this list is a fresh constant list every 2 weeks you are just leveraging what you are already doing.
  • Nice,

    Just signed up

  • simarcomsimarcom Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca
    I've been taking part to this group scraping and let me tell you one thing, the verified list you get is nothing compare to ANY verified list you can buy out there.
    Numbers? Using that fresh verified list, my VpM was up to 70 for over 24 hours and then, it went down to 40-45 for about a week and it has been around 30 since that time (3 more weeks). I have bought many lists and I've never seen those numbers.

    Just remember, this list is not for sale and will not be shared with hundreds of people, only members of the group. Alone, you'll never be able to scrape such a number of targeted urls.

    Other solution? Hire people to scrape for you = time and money.

    Keep in mind that Stacy needs to verify each of our lists against other lists, dedupe and everything.
  • I agree with everything simarcom shared above. I have been involved with the group for the last month, have submitted a total of 215k URLs and received back 494k VERY fresh URLs. I could not be more pleased.

    Stace does a great job coordinating the effort, has a members-only web site that has a leader board and contains "how to" vids that outlines the methodology so everyone is on the same page with how we are scraping.

    The best part though has been the quality of the Verified URLs I have received since the lists are so fresh -- very high VpM. I was scraping anyway so this group has just allowed me to leverage my efforts.

    If anyone has questions, feel free to post them here and I will be happy to respond.
  • Love the group, awesome GSA performance from the verified lists...will stick with this group for as long as I'm using GSA.
  • awesome thread man, i am seeing newcomers bumping this up/starting a conversation/promoting this
  • Charging for this? Hmmm. Seems like you would get a great deal just managing this and collecting free lists. Maybe if you charged less than $10/mth, but $67???
  • StaceAce let's see if i got this..

    Instead of paying a fee to buy a list, with your method we pay fee and we scrape to get the list.

    And people are paying for that for real???????????????

    If so you are a genius mate. If you are seriously making money with that business model, stop going after $67.

    Go after weight loss. You will be a millionaire in a couple of weeks.

  • simarcomsimarcom Sherbrooke, Qc, Ca
    Guys, have you purchased any GSA verified lists lately? I did. And yes, on each occasion, the seller was making money and I don't see anything wrong with this. It's fair exchange.

    How much does a regular 100k list goes for aprox.? 50-100$? I did pay that amount many times. Not anymore.

    And, most IMPORTANT of all, how long do these lists last? I mean, really, after a couple of weeks, haven't you been noticing a huge drop in your VpM? I did. Not anymore.

    Now, folks (especially Hubba and Derdor), I can understand you don't like the idea and with all respect, I'd rather not have you guys in our group. We're looking for serious people that can realize what fair exchange is. Those that are asking for this service to be free and probably the ones that would turn around and sell OUR list to make profit. I don't want to see these people in our group. If it was free, imagine just a second how many "volunteers" we would get... yeah right, got the picture now?

    One last thing, if you understand just a little bit what GSA is about, you should know that the money to be made with it is not by charging a small fee for managing a group scraping system, it is by using it.

  • Careful Stranger if you keep commenting on a thread when your not being spoken to you may come across as if your trolling.

    Hubba and derdor, from my experience most people don't go as far as they may want to in life as they are always worrying about what other people are doing (glass always half empty) and all their focus is centred toward what others are doing, personally i would rather concentrate on my own goals as there are far to many people in this world to worry about what they are all doing or making..

    As Simarcom said if it was free, then people who worry about what others are doing in their life all the time would blatantly take advantage of this.. 

    Spending $67 per month for 300,000 - 500,000 verified URLs which is shared between a small group is cheap the fact that you don't see this and are only working out the money side says that you fit the criteria of the above (glass always half empty)
  • Fuck me.

    Literally shaking my head at this. 

    I'm guessing you'll be paying $67 to submit your links to this and then when they create a separate user ID they'll be selling your links to others for another $67.

    As always, if you take the time to scrape your own targets, then DON'T share them with anyone else.
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    @StaceAce‌ this is a forum and I have the right to say anything off my mind. Anyone can see all those who are supporting you now isn't credible in any sense by judging their registeration date and past comments. Eg newly joined members with 0 posts or member who was registered a long time suddenly posts on your thread. I have my suspicion that you are using clone accounts to promote your thread or none of then are real clients but just posting for the sake of giving you a review.

    I hate to see unsuspecting members to buy in and not check the validly of this thread and those who actually reviewed it. Lastly stop creating new accounts to bump your thread and making it seem like this is the best deal ever
  • So I need to scrape FRESH lists and give them away to others to get their old lists? Great idea. Why didn't I think of this sooner?
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    @StaceAce I think its time to cut your losses and move onto a new master plan or try a new forum like the warrior forum they are more gullible over there 
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    @davbel :))(with you)
  • If you think people are gonna just sit out and not give their honest opinion or the mod's silencing them then you are at the wrong forum
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