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Tier 2 links posting to my money site - WHY?

I've created 20 buffer pages to my money site on different web 2.0 blogs. I then set up a project to create contextual tier 2 links to my tier 1 properties. I just discovered today that GSA has posted some of my tier 2 links directly to my money site. Really pissed right now. I've never had an issue with this before. Can anyone shed some light on why this is happening. In the URL box I only have my tier 1 urls. 


  • shows a couple of articles that were built with GSA as tier 2 links that link directly to my money site. However, when I go into the verified urls list I can't find my moneysite in the link url list. What the freak is going on?
  • @funguy88 can you post the settings screenshot of your Tier 2 project??
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