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help with keywords

I need some help with understanding keyword specifics. All of my keywords, about 600 of them, are related to my website topic of art. I am running out of keywords and newly created backlinks, and am considering adding a tier to my project, which I heard in a video do not have to be as specific as the ones in my original project. But what does that mean, really? Does it mean that I should go outside the field of art for keywords and try to get links from sites that don't have anything to do with art? How do I find such keywords? I have noticed in some of these forum comments that some people have thousands of keywords. It seems to me that so many keywords might not all be related to the topic of the website receiving the backlinks. Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated.


  • Let me ask this another way. If I am building my tier 2 project, can I use all the same keywords as I did in my tier 1 project?
  • SvenSven
    keywords are just used for a couple of engines to get target sites. The majority of engines do not use them to find target sites. So it is not that much of a difference what keywords you have unless you use those engines (Blog Comments, Trackbacks, Postback).
  • Thanks Sven!
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