How to import my own verified list ?

I had changed my server but i copy all the verified list from my old vps. Now i want to use my verified list to my new projects, how can i do that. I mean right now default GSA already create verified folder, can i just copy and paste my verified folders/list to the default gsa verified list, please help ?


  • Yes, you can copy and paste your verified folder to the default GSA SER verified folder (should be empty),


    you can change the location of your verified folder,


  • What should i do with the current project which was running and i got the 3k verified links, i have to stopped it and change the verified directory to my own verified list folder ?
  • Accepted Answer
    Ok, so your default verified folder is not empty and it has 3k verified links.

    Here's what you can do to merge the two verified folders.

    1. Stop projects
    2. Tools -> Export site lists -> Verified, name it
    3. change the Verified folder to your own verified folder
    4. Tools -> Import site lists -> Verified , select
    5. remove dups

    So, now you've merged the two verified folder, and changed the location of your Verified folder...
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