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My links are not indexed. I'm using linkprocessor

Hello, i need help, some suggestions. My story : i'm using gsa ser and cb , ovh vps and linkprocessor. I'm building links, but they are not indexed. For example i have one project with 2000 verified links and only 13 of them are in google.
I'm feeling miserable, maybe linkprocessor is bad? about year ago or so i was using gsa and instandlink indexer, the most of my links was indexed and i'm still in google top with those websites. 


  • Hi @teddybear, you answered your own question...

    >about year ago or so i was using gsa and instandlink indexer, the most of my links was indexed

    I'm now happy with InstantLinkIndexer...
  • For example i have a T1 website and i am making links with gsa to it. I have made 2000 links to it , now i opened my verified list and selected random url, it was blog comment with working link to my T1 website. Now using google i search for that webpage and it's indexed. But when i search for links to my T1 website, that website is not in google. Why google don't show link to my webpage? Is it indexer fault?
  • teddybear  Mate first understand this Google changing game every single week. Indexing was not even an issue 2 years ago. Now it is one of the very important part of the game.

    if you want over %40-%50 index rate stop using pinger services which calling themselves as indexer services.
    There are free pingers around which literally do the same thing.

    You need to build backlinks for indexing.
    3 Suggestions.....
    1- Create your own.
    2- Create projects within ser with just comments + trackbacks.
    Once you learn your way with this method you will get higher index rate comparing to indexing services (except which build actual links, not pingers)
    3- Create linkwheels on lower tiers within your contexuals.

  • Ok, so maybe anyone can share with me instantlinkindexer or any other service api key? I want to check if there will be difference. In a day i'm indexing maximum 5k links. 
    p.s i can pay money or share clevergizmos keyword researcher ( i have 1 free seat)
  • edited August 2014
    @teddybear do yourself (and me) a favor, use GSA and send 50K backlinks to linkprocessor in a day, and then login to your linkprocessor, and click the 'add projects" page, and look at the number where it says 'available today" and subtract 50K from your plan.
    If you are like me, you will notice LP did not get all 50K links and got maybe 15K of them.
    I tried to bring up the problem but they didnt seem to care.
    I like the waytheir backend looks but doesnt mean much if their service doesnt work.
  • @tsaimllc Do yourself a favor and quit using LP they are pretty useless. ( at least in my experience ) Even if you managed to send all the links to them .. the indexation rate is horrible ..near to none.
  • @mamadou any recomendations for indexers?
  • @tsaimllc

    I use give it a try. The support is bad but indexing rate is ok.
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