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Indexer - Massive Improvement in Speed

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Great job Sven with the latest update on the indexer, it's now flying. What has changed? Have you reduced the time out's or something? Great job either way :)


  • Also, when it comes to the indexer, is there a certain number of threads, after which you don't really gain any additional benefit? For example, there is a noticeable difference between setting the indexers thread count to 10, and when setting it to 100. But is there a specific number of threads, by which if you set it higher, you'll get diminishing returns?
  • SvenSven

    I changed it in the following way...

    If you have more than one URL to index and not using the "Create Report" feature it doesn't matter if you wait for one job to finish so it goes on to the next URL. This however also means that the list can still receive entries from the previous submission. But as you don't care for that (no report) it should not matter much as it is a "submit/index and forget" thing.

    For the number of threads...well it all depends on your system at what point you do not see any more speed increase. I can not give any recommendations here. 

  • ok, great job on that, as things are running much faster now, cheers
  • hmm i figured as well it works faster but my conclusion was different

    my inder made on quick usually around 160 submissions (create report always off) with the updated version it makes like 105 submissions only, so its obvious thats its faster doing half of the work?

  • SvenSven
    You seem to use something else than the full indexer right?
  • What the indexer really do? and it really helps index your links? what are your experience?
  • SvenSven

    > What the indexer really do? 

    it helps index your links ;)

    > and it really helps index your links?


    > what are your experience?

    it helps index my links :)

    Seriously, it works, else we would not sell it. Some links work better than others as some might not get into the search engine index because of low quality. In that case there is nothing you can do about it.

  • Ive ran the indexer on all my verified links 3 times over 6 months.
    When I run the index check in SER using G, results are about 20 % indexed.
    When I run SER using MSN to check, results are poor, about 5% or less indexed.

    I guess MSN thinks my links are bad quality while G is Ok with them?
    This might finally explain why my ranking results are not improving in bing/yahoo as well as they have in G.
  • edited December 2012
    @sven thanks for your answers sven =), i wanted to know is what indexer do to index your links i mean what method (pinging, stats. etc..)
  • yeah

    i notice its also

    thanks for this changes Sven 

  • SvenSven
    @rodol it uses a mix of whois/stats/rediect and instant created backlinks.
  • i always have checked

    use only sites that can index deeplinks,

    ... cause the nature of the way we are building links i think this is crucial to have it checked ... cause it doeenst make lots of sense to have domain roots indexed, at least not for some tiered links coming from SER

    so i just run a test again
    for me its on full
    1215 dofollow
    112 nofollow

    and on quick indexer
    95 dofollow
    12 nofollow

    so my natural assumption was its doing less, and therefore faster :D

    however when i hear you sometimes saying full indexer does 4000+ then i feel like having a limited full version LOL


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