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SER new version - update fails

MaXMaX Portugal
I am trying to update to the new version, but all attempts fail. I get error message  telling me the reason is "Error "5"

Thanks for your help


  • SvenSven
    error 5 means that the program is still running in background and can not be overwritten. Try killing it with the taskmanager
  • MaXMaX Portugal
    Hi Sven,

    I  followed your advice and checked with task manager, I deleted the running application and tried again, it makes no difference I still get the same error.

  • SvenSven
    make a screenshot of this error please.
  • MaXMaX Portugal
    Hi Sven
    link to image:

  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    @MaX The installer is running as administrator, right?
  • MaXMaX Portugal
    I am not sure that I understand the question correctly, I am logged in as the primary user with the log in credentials I received after purchasing SER
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