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Spintax and Comma recognition BUG

edited August 2014 in Bugs
SER generates errors when there is no error in spintax.
The spin syntax in " blah " might be wrong.
It produces content with {}-Spins in it.
Near: blah blah
I checked multiple times and there is no spintax error.

The nexted spintax works in every field of 'Data', right?
Also, all the fileds allow comma separated ones, as I know.

That being said,
When I click 'Ignore' the above error and continue, SER sometimes puts wrong anchor texts in the articles.

For example, 
When Partial match anchor text: {best|good} swimming pool, {affordable|cheap} swimming machine

SER sometimes puts "best swimming pool" as anchor text which is right, 
but it sometimes puts "best swimming pool, affordable swimming machine" which is apparently wrong.

Should I remove 'space' next to the comma? As I know, SER allows both (one,two / one, two).

Please check and fix these bugs.


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