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will GSA become 64 bit program that can use more then 3+GB of RAM?

so my question is in topic name.

maybe there are some kind of beta testing or something ? i would like to participate in that.


  • No , it will not. Sven the developer already stated that multiple times.
  • this is so wrong..... the future is in 64 bit systems, 32 bit is old....
  • @anddone then don't use the software and build your own.
  • @zero just be proud of your suggestion, i'm looking at this software to be best one on market.
  • @anddone - what other software does what GSA does? There really is no competition other than those two trackback/comment posters and the one 'demonic' software that's never updated and comes with a hefty price tag.
  • @zero you are from developer team ? you are creator of it? or just a warior in forums ? if not from developers, i'm not interested in discussions with you.
  • SvenSven
    then you can as well leave this forum because on a forum you should discuss with all, else use emails.
  • Would be nice to make use of more than 3gb ram. My vote goes for 64bit :)
  • There has already been multiple discussions on this.   Sven has made his point clear, a little searching around and you'd found the same posts I found in less than 2 mins.  :)
  • SER is already very cheap. For its price and quality, don't expect to be able to run endless numbers of projects. If you need to run more threads as a heavy user, you can do yourself and GSA a favour by buying more copies of the software and splitting your projects evenly between them :)
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