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Program isn't verifying links for me

edited August 2012 in Need Help
As an example, a project has successfully submitted thousands of links, and has been sitting dormant for over 24 hours. Usually, the program would verify links whilst submitting, and also once the import list has been exhausted, but in over 24 hours of sitting dormant, not also including the time when it was actually submitting links, it's only verified 9 links. It doesn't even seem to be attempting to verify links.

As another example, another project finished submitting links over 24 hours ago, and i set it's status to 'Active (V)'. In this time, it hasn't verified a single link, despite sitting on the 'Active(V)' status for 24 hours.

With another project, i left it's status at 'Active' after it has exhausted it's import list, and then set it to 'Verify all Link', this again hasn't found a single link. 

And this is the situation i have with every one of my projects at the moment, thousands of links submitted, but it's not verifying a single one. Any help appreciated, cheers.


  • SvenSven
    Well hard to say something to it without having a look at the project. But keep in mind that if you turn the project to "Active (V)" it is only verifying all links on the first round. After it checked all links it will again only check them in intervals according to the engine setting. So it is normal if you don't see a verification for some time after the first round.
  • I think there's definitely something up with my projects then, and would appreciate if you'd take a look at them, as no one else seems to be having this problem, and I've never had this issue before in my 3+ months of using the software, and it seems to affect every project. If you could let me know what email address i can send a project to you at, that would be appreciated. Thanks
  • Just to follow up. It definitely seems to be an issue with my already created projects. I created a new project, and that seems to verify backlinks perfectly. Is there anything that can be done to 'rescue' my already created projects, as there's nearly 2 million submitted backlinks combined between them which have yet to be verified?
  • SvenSven

    Make a backup of that please and send it to my email (see private message). I need to see whats causing this.

    You can import URLs to a new project on the "Show URLs" dialog (popup menu on project).

  • SvenSven
    check your email. some data in your project file is not correct.
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