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Need a reliable 8 core dedicated server

My budget is $100. I need a 8 core dedicated CPU to handle all my projects. I found something at datashack but a lot of bad reviews about them here.
Any good providers out there that can fit in my budget and have no problem with using GSA?


  • I use many DataShack servers and they are all great. Never had a problem for 8 months and I'm a heavy user of SER and Gscraper. Others have had problems but talk to them first and use very good proxies so they don't leak the IP - which I'm sure is the main problem people have.
  • I was using buy proxies dedi with them. Glad you were not having problems judderman. I was a very light user back then had only 1 server running 20-30 projects at max.

    I switched to ovh, which I believe solideseo and greencloud use to host their servers at.
    They have an awesome control panel and you can automatically install which OS you want.

    I'm curious what specs are your servers? How many cores?
  • I have a few of them, the $69, 89 and 99 ones. Can't remember the specs of the top of my head. Can't see much difference between the 89 and 99 ones but wanted to try them out. Probably a bit overkill for SER but I was sick of slow VPSs and dedis.
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