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Auto-Load Failed Emails

So I run like 10 projects in GSA, using 10 proxies and 100 threads. I find a minimum of 10 failed email addresses per day and often times more. This might be due to this and that, but what I think would be super helpful would be an option to automatically load a txt file with email accounts on it. Then when GSA senses an account failure, it should delete it and auto add a new account from the text file, then delete it from the source.

I understand there might be problems with this as if the internet connection drops GSA detects a whole bunch of failures to the email. Maybe you could tell it to only replace an email when login fails and not based on hostname not found errors, I do not know.

The reason I request this is that I have to log in 2 or 3 times a day to replace email accounts. If this is not possible I understand, would be a great feature though. Thanks!
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