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Serengine: posting different articles

I am abotu to kick off my first Serengines campaign. 

I have 2 manually spun articles and I have few dozens of automatically spun articles for filling content in the web2.0s site without links to my moneysite. How can I instruct the tool to only insert the link to my money site in the manually spun and use the other as filled in? Any automated ways? 



  • SvenSven
    use scheduled posting and set it to 100% for not adding links.
  • Thanks Sven, i guess then I must have a link to the money site present in the text of the manually spun article, right?
  • SvenSven
    hmm yes but it will get removed. You might want to split this up though in a project building links and the other that does not.
  • Thanks Sven.

    Maybe a suggestion for an improvement could be to give the possibility to pick which article should have a link (as set in the Data tab) and which one should not have that link but perhaps could have links to other automatically retrieved authority sites (as you can already pick in the Article Manager options). I guess this could be usefull to many who want to build Web2.0s that look somehow real with just 1 article to the moneysite...
  • @ Sven: I tried to set "Link on only 0% of all posted articles" so to create Web2.0s with no links to my site for sometime. But it does not work. If I set it 0% it desable that checkbox when I save it, basically making it 100%. At the moment I settled it by setting 1%. Would it be a good idea to enable 0% so to basically just create Web 2.0s, which one can add articles with links at a second point in time?
  • SvenSven
    if you have it 0% then you can as well disable it!?
  • mmm well not exactly in my opinion. If I set "Links on 0% of all posted articles" it would mean that I want all articles to NOT have a link to my site in it (like saying 0% of articles shall have a link). Whereas if I disable it it is like saying that ALL articles have a link to my site. That's exactly what happened to me, all web2.0s have created a link to my site in first instance, where my aim was totally the opposite. 

    Let me explain my situation and as I see the only practical solution: 
    1. I create a project with a link (let's say to and let it create articles to the same web2.0s property for some time, then
    2. When I ave populated the properties enough I create a new project, import all data and accounts, then set my moeny site as my site, 100% of all articles with link in it. 

    That should suit the need of having web 2.0s properties well populated before I get my link in it. Is that the best solution in your opinion?
  • SvenSven
    sorry a seo related question that i leave for others to answer
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