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Tiered Link Checking

edited December 2012 in Feature Requests
Hi Sven,

I'm only a few days in to ownership od the software and I'm very impressed. It's a steal at this price when you consider the monthly fees charged by others.

I know there is a lot of discussion about checking emails against the blacklist and drawing from a list so i wont ask for that here! It will add a lot to the software though.


Tiered link checking. Say you have a project set up in four tiers. Tier 1 points to 1 url, Tier 2 Points to the verified links in Tier 1, Tier 3 points to the verified Links in Tier 2 and Tier 4 points to the verified links in Tier 3.

At the moment it is possible to contunually build links to dead links. If a link dies in Tier 1 there is no way for the software to identify this and stop Tier 2 links from building anymore links to it and then Tier 3 and Tier 4 and so on. Therefore it is possible to have a long term project continually building links to links that don't exist as it is my understanding the software checks if the link droppped on a page exists and not if the link it is pointing to still exists.

For my other linkbuilding I use Inspyder Backlink Monitor which performs this process You dump all your URLS into it and it identifies what Tier they are in and wether there is any broken links and how that effects the tiers below them.

If this feature was available in GSA then this would be one hands off SEO tool that could not be rivalled. Maybe even an API to Inspyder to do it and reimport?


  • +1 for this. We could really do with a time sensitive option in settings to reverify links after so many days. Appreciate this slows down things somewhat but I would rather use resources every now and then ( perhaps every 3 days) to ensure that I am building links to live links. I use backlinks spider also and the way in which it allows you to accurately 'see' your live backlinks and how they are arranged in tiers is excellent.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    +2 for this...I think it's on Sven's to do list as it's been asked for before. 

    I really like the focus everyone is starting to get on improving efficiency rather than just bashing more links at it. Keep it up!

    On this note, @sven, if I use a sentence like this in a TIERED PROJECT (i.e. using URL's from previous tier), and I have a sentence

    "For more on keyword check out %URL% or %URL or %URL%"

    1) Does it take 3 different URL's from the previous tier?
    2) It will only register one as the verified link right? 
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