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Template diagrams

Does anyone have any links for some good tiered structures to follow?

Also who are the best sellers on the forum for fancy structured blasts?

Thanks guys


  • Check out my diagram - hopefully not self promotion because you're asking, so it's not exactly solicited.

    zero :)
  • Where is this diagram?  Thanks :)
  • @cozziola you'll have to buy his link list if you want his diagram.
    Even though this is a little dated, it is still the best starting point for learning hoe to rank with SER

    In fact, you'd be doing yourself a favour by reading the whole thread.
  • Thanks davbel.

    I can see in the diagram to throw a kitchen sink at each tier.

    How do i do this?  When i click on duplicate and tier for my tier one nothing happens.  Maybe this is because i already have a tier pointing at it?
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