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Massively Inflated Submitted Links after switching to version 4.82

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I just backed up my data and upgraded to 4.82. On restart all of my existing data appeared and looked OK. After running for a while my submission numbers changed to a dramatic increase.

I have been running it for about 2 days and there were about 1-2,000 submission at most in some projects on lower tiers. Now most of these are showing 15,000 submitted links. On opening the submitted links there is actually a list of 15,000 links so its not just showing an inflated number. Also many are saying they are submitted in the future up untill 24th December.

Shall i stop everything and use my back ups? What will happen to the links created while it is running now?


  • Just to add - I took the plunge and reinstated my backup. This didnt solve it.

    All my projects are showing around 14,000 to 15,000 submitted links. Some of these are tier 1 which i only created yesterday and have no more thna 300 submission. Yet, in the submitted URL list there is a list of 14k domain.

    Sven  Any ideas?
  • SvenSven
    Are you viewing the URLs in "Show URLs->Verified" view?
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    No these are from the submitted colum not the verified colum. It shows this nuymber in the dashboard and then when you go to "Show URLs->Submitted"

    So i have projects that show livelinks of about 50 with submissions at 15,000 which is not right. AT most the submissions for this project were 1500. I thought it was just a problem with the numbers i.e. an extra 0 being added until i looked at the submitted URL list. There is actaully 15,000 URLS there.

    Where did they come from?
    How much of a drain are they going to be contstantly verifying these 15,000 submissions for days for this and multiple projects before they get deleted?

  • SvenSven
    I have no idea where they come from sorry. Did you do any special on the program before this appeared?
  • no absolutely nothing
  • is that the end of the support i get then?
  • Your date problem, saying they were submitted to the 24th is actually a date (timeout) meaning they are going to erase on that date if not verified by then. They were submitted 5 days before the timeout. So if it read 12-24 12:37 it means it was submitted on 12-19 12:37

    You are probably submitting more due to your keywords or change of filters. Either way it's a good thing, unless you want to build better quality. 

  • SvenSven
    Yes sup1 is right. Also backlinker, please have a bit more patience next time.
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    Sven  - its easy for you to say that but i have had no offer of any real assistance, You haven't asked to see any logs or offered any construvtive help at all. I have emailed you too,

    At the moment i have around 200,000 links saying they have been submitted  that i have no idea where they have come from. All they are doing is eating up my threads and they will never be verified because they dont exist.

    It would be nice if you could at least make an effort to suggest how i could resolve this.

    All i did was update the software and I do not appreciate any comments trying to say i have done something wrong wth my set up. It worked 100% - I updated and it went mad.

    I just want to add that i did not submit anymore links. Each project had
    around 1500 submitted, i updated and it showed 15,000. It has nothing
    at all to do with a change in filter or submissions. These happened in a
    space of 10 minutes when updating.
  • Backlinker, there's a support email for the kind of support you're asking for.
    As far as I know, the forum isn't the place for this.

    In the email you got from the GSA team where you purchased your license it specifically says:

    "If you have any content-related or technical questions about the product,

    please contact GSA - Sven Bansemer und Thomas Scheel GbR directly.

    You can contact the publisher at the following e-mail address:"

  • SvenSven
    Indeed, and also think about the different time zones. I usually check this forum twice a day and answer everything (usually morning / late evening). The E-Mail I check always. Though I didn't get any email from you @backlinker.
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    Don't worry. I sent the email via         I got this from one of your emails I think. Im UK based so timezones isn't an issue

    I have sorted it (as opposed to fixed it.) I had to delete all the submitted URLS from all my capaigns as they were killing the system.

    The other major bug that was in that release or that happened to my systrem was that links were being posted to the wrong projects. I had tier 4 crap links being posted to tier 1 verified links and all tiers being posted to all capmaigns. I had to resolve this too so had to go into every tier 1 and clear out any links not correctly associated with that campaign.

    I'm back on track and happily submitting away. I dont really need any major issues like that again though!
  • SvenSven
    for projects submitting the wrong url it is usually a duplicated project where you forgot to delete the urls from the input box.
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