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What the hell i got 30 private proxies, high internet connection but gsa wont get higher then 5-10 threads and i set it to 200


  • SvenSven
    wow what a detailed bug report. Thanks, this is really getting it forward. Especially with such great style.
  • no problem i just hope the bug will be fix, since 3 days ago i try to build my tier 2 links

    Before this threads thing to happen i use to build easily  20k links per day, not i barely do 1500 links per day
  • @edyculay maybe you should think about your tone a bit. Be a bit more friendly and less aggressive and you'll receive for sure some help.

    Some things you need to include:

    1) Which engine selections
    2) What kind of settings
    3) Probably a project backup to @sven
    4) Some screenshots of your settings, maybe you're setting some filter that's killing your performance
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