Do GSA supports thread creation at forums atm ?

Do GSA supports thread creation at forums atm ?

it wasnt last time i checked


  • zerozero yashar
    Yes, check it on the options on types of links to create (check box).

    It'll give you some unethical warning and then you're fine after that.
  • Like Zero said yes..

    However, I usually uncheck all forum links because the forum scripts have some pretty cool antispam plugins, I've had a VPS suspeneded because of this and even a hidemyass account.

    Every since I started un-checking forum links I haven't had this problem.

  • i am not meaning stupid spam forum account profile links

    i need real threads posts
    edited August 2014
    Your question has been answered we knew what you meant, yes it is possible you just need to check the box 'Forum Post' in the 'type of backlinks to create' section found in the options tab:

    The only one not checked:

    Also, I would say that posting a thread on auto is a lot more spammier than simply creating a profile ;)
  • BuySERListsBuySERLists Vancouver, Canada
    @yavuz If you're going to use GSA SER to create posts on forums I would suggest to use VERY anonymous proxies and ensure that you're not leaking IPs. Doing that is a one-way ticket to zillions of abuse emails and you are likely to get canned from your server/VPS provider if they catch on to it.

    @ruffcut - no doubt, eh? Spammy profiles but not spammy spam posts! :)
  • forum topics are not created it does not work
  • SvenSven
    @useruser1 where do you think it does not work?
  • @Sven, XenForo for example
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