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Still Having Problems With Articles Getting Verified

no matter how much articles i submit, i can only get a few to get verified. I really want to know why this only happens to me. I been having this problem since i have gotten gsa. Any advice you expert could have for me? I even started scraping using Gscraper, im now out of option.   


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    Could it be my email? Im using yahoo as of right now. Do you think i should change it up?
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    I'm using Yahoo and MailRU but I get plenty of article verifications. :/

    Are you getting any important messages on your projects saying email accounts are blocked or anything like that? 
  • Proxies? Make sure your proxies are virgin proxies for the best success rates (still will not be as high as residential IPs because subnets/b/c classes are blocked sometimes).

    Make sure to use lots of email accounts. Is it a new domain? Contextual verification is higher for those.

    Make sure your article is readable too... articles aren't all auto approve, so you're going to need a good article with a natural link to your site somewhere in there to get the highest approval rates.
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    its a wordpress blog. Do you think that is why ? & im using wicked article creator. the only engine that works is xpressengine 
  • Most of the wordpress blogs posts are moderated.
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