Who does the thread count drop half the time the bot is running to nothing?

I've had GSR for ages and although this always bothered me - now it's kind of annoying. I can't get 5mil targets together without growing a beard at this rate.

I set the thread count to say, 150, or 300, with plenty of proxies. 300-400 squids, all good.

Why does the bot drop to 10 threads for half the time it runs? What is that? It literally makes the whole idea of LINKS PER MINUTE an idiotic joke because the bot decides to self regulate and run on 10 threads instead of the 300 I told it to.

Plz help? I assume theres no solution and thats how the program works - but that makes it pretty much obsolete for gaining LARGE amounts of targets to post to in short periods of time. Which is SEO today, kthxlol.



  • Accepted Answer
    I've talked to @sven about this recently and from what he said, it mainly happens when the majority of the remaining URLs in the 'batch' of URLs that's running in the project currently is getting timed out.

    A good solution to this is splitting your lists into several projects, for me, it makes run SER in overall faster and most of the people on this forum report the same. More projects = SER runs faster.
  • thank you - if that tricks the tricksy bot into working fully, works for me.
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