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WEB 2.0 toooo Low

Hi, any body have some trouble with me.. why Web 2.0 to low succes rate...? I'm using elite proxy from buy proxy and chapta breacker + dechapter.. 


  • goonergooner
  • Hi Gooner

    I am not getting enoght links for SEREngines also :)

    Any tips

  • goonergooner
    @shanrocks666 - I don't use that service but i'm sure if you contact them they will help you :)
  • You guys must try FCSnetworker !
  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    +1 for fcs
  • ronron
    I'm about ready to join the FCS bandwagon. They did improve their service,
  • FCS still has a noindex web 2.0 in their list, like wtf.
  • Alll - thanks you for answer. But, after read all of your comment, I still confused, cause trere is no a good solution for it..  
    @sven , do you have any tips for it
  • SvenSven
    I can not add anything more to this. I have to admit that I didn't had a look on the present Web2.0 engines coming with SER. The reason is simple. It just takes too much time to keep them alife as the sites change things too often on it to prevent automated submission.
    If you really have to stay with that, use the serengine service.
  • thanks for your respond @sven

    why SER not add the egine for this.. maybe SER just add the fitur for it and use my own list. Like, wordpress. com, blogger, webbly and all of this using own list or own account to login. I mind that not always create wen submit. I hope you know what i mind.. :D
  • SvenSven
    I don't understand what you are trying to say. The problem is the scripting itself, the problem is to keep it updated. I just don't have time to do it. However the script engine is documented and you can create your own scripts.
  • an seo does not have to know programming scripts

    I put proxies, configure each of the options, add articles, blog title, tagline, web title etc... and also I have to retouch the engines?

    Could have an extra service within GSA that offers this service, or couldhave a directory of other users who provide this service, because really Idon't have time for so much else.

    Following the thread, I use Serengines and FCS, both are good, but you have much more control in FCS but also more work. But if you like seriouswork in the long run the best is to use everything to look natural and notfocus only on a few platforms.

    I read many times @sven you don't have time for everything, I understandit and understand. You could consider offering a service rather thandelighted me and many more we will hire and offer a list of users that areofferedMy time as yours is gold, and I do not have time or knowledge ofthis, as I there are many more users.

    I think that here you can have another line more than business.

    Best regards
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